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Bulleh Shah's birth name was Abdul Shah. He was born in 1680. Bulle Shah was a Punjabi Sufi saint and poet. Bulleh Shah's poems are also called Kaafia. Bulle Shah's father's name was Shah Mohammed, who was a darvas.

Bulle Shah took his early education from his father and took high education from Khwaja Ghulam Murtaza in Kusur. The Punjabi poet, Waris Shah, had also taken education from Khwaja Ghulam Murtaza.

Bulle Shah's Sufi Guru was Shah Inayat . The family of Bulleh Shah was due to being a descendant of Prophet Mohammed, Saiyd cast was considered to be the highest, while Shah Inayat  was  Arine, & Arine was considered to be lowly at that time. But after Bulleshah's many protests from his family and relatives, he was also associated with Murshad Inayat Shah.

He said, "To understand the bulla, sisters have come, they said, leave the InayatShah Arine. Why the Prophet's family and Ali's peers are stigmatized?

So Bulle said, "Whoever calls me Sayyed will be punished in hell, who will call me Arine, he will get a pleasant swing of heaven."

Arine and Syed are born here and there. There  is no cast of divine. She pushes the beauty away and embraces the badness. What do the bulla ask, if you want a paradise, then become a servant of Arine

What do the bulla ask, if you want heaven, then become the servant of Arine.
Thank you for the created world of God.

There are many interesting topics in the life of Bulleh Shah. But a fact that is discussed everywhere, let's know what the context is: -

one day Bulleh Shah reached the garden near his Guru Shah Inayat ji. 

Shah Inayat ji was so absorbed in his work that he had no news of the arrival of Bulleshah. Bulle Shah was watching mango engaged in that garden. Guruji asked the bullshah if you have broken this mango.

Bulle Shah said, "Neither do I climb up on the tree nor did I throw the stone. Guru ji saw Bulle Shah from top to bottom and said "Hey thou thief and clever too".

Bulla fell at the feet of Guru ji and said I want to get GOD.  Sai said, "Bullaye rab da pana, adro putna te oder lona" Bulle shah, the first initiation of Guru ji was settled in his life. These straightforward words opened the bulla's mind. The bulla understood that turning his mind out of the world and turning toward GOD. 

By seeing the philosophy of Satguru, the Bulla shah became unconscious.

Bulle Shah Life History

A story of Bulleshah and his Murashd Shah Inayat is very prevalent, let's know what the conversation is: -

Once the Bulleshah wanted to go to Madinah Sharif's jiarayat. Bulleshah told his wish to Guru. Shah Inayat ji asked the reason for going there with the Bulleshah. Bulleshah said that there is Hazrat Mohammad's Rosa and Rasul Allah has insisted that he who visited my grave, he saw me alive. Guruji said that I will give the answer to it after 3 days.

On the saying of Guru ji, the Bulleh Shah decided not to go to his Medina once. On the third day hazrat rasool appeared in the dream of Bulla. Rasul Allah, said Bulleh Shah, where is thy Murshad, call him. Rasul took Inayat Shah to his right. When Bulla's eyes were raised, the bulla felt that the face of Rasool and Murshad was exactly the same, he could not recognize the identity of who is Rasool and who is Murshad.

A small point in the love passage becomes the reason for resentment. Because of the small mistake of Bulleh Shah, his murshad got angry. Murshad turned the water of his grace on the backs of Bulle Shah. Bulle Shah's light turned into darkness and joy was turned into grief.

Let's know what was the reason that Shah Anayat ji got angry with Bulle Shah.

It is said that there was marriage in Bulle's family. Bulla  invited to visit Murshad. Shah Anayat himself did not go, he sent a murid(disciple). 

Murid(disciple) reached the wedding in old clothes.

Syed's family, who considered himself a high caste, was already unhappy. How he welcomes Murshid's murid. Bulleshah was also lost in the celebration of marriage that forgot Murshad's murid(disciple) . When he returned  and reached to Shah Inayat ji and told the whole story, Inayat ji got angry with this attitude of Bulleh Shah. He did not expect this from Bulleshah.

When Bulle Shah went to meet his Murshad Shah Inayat, Shah Inayat announced that he will not see the face of the bulla ..
Bulla realized the mistake, but Murshad was angry.

To make his Murshad happy , he learned to dance.  Bulla tied the cymbals in their feet. Bulla forget himself in music & dance.

Bulla fell in the foot of his Murshad, "I am not a bulla, I am bhulla  (forgotten) . Yes Murshad took the bulla with his chest and freed the bulla from the bonds of the world. Merged in Allah's Remembrance In this way the dry creations of the bulge got water. The soul of the Bulle Shah was immersed in the color of the soul of Satguru, there is no difference between the two.

In 1757, the Bulleshah left his body and became absorbed in God. There are more Sufi poets in Punjab but no one  can be expressed by them. He has called his Murashad with the names of gentlemen, man, sai, arif, ranjha, shah etc.s of gentlemen, man, sai, arif, ranjha, shah etc.

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