How do we put ourselves in the qualities of a Jesus

How do we put ourselves in the qualities of a Jesus

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How do we put ourselves in the qualities of a Jesus and the desire to be more like Jesus is in every believer.
merry chrismas

If we just become like a Jesus, then he opens the door to heaven for us, he will take us to heaven on the issue of flowers. To be like a Jesus, we have to do good work both in the temporal and the supernatural.

To be like a Jesus, we have to take care of the three main things:-

First we have to be completely devoted to God.

Second, we have to get rid of sin.

Third, we will have to grow spiritually, because our spiritual growth helps us to become more like Jesus, we should completely dedicate ourselves to the Lord.

Jesus also  spend sinless life. The more we consider ourselves dead to sin, the more we live the pure life, the more we go to become Jesus.

When we give ourselves to God, sin can not even come near us. Anyone who has hope in Jesus, makes himself pure like that.

If we want to build our  relationship with Jesus Christ, then we have to think that how do we make our relation with relatives? Like spend time in conversation,we open our hearts for them, we are always ready to fulfill any of their issues, if we make any mistake towards them, then apologize, we always wish to behave well towards them, We try to fulfill their work by leaving our own work,

Just like this we have to relate to our Lord.

God has pledged to save us, if we become believers, we can never have any kind of harm.

                                                                                 Merry Christmas

So all this was said how we put the qualities of Lord Jesus in ourselves and how to become believers of Lord Jesus.

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MARRY CHRISTMAS (memories of the last time of Jesus)

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